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Broadway Investing On A Micro-Budget: Broadway Investors Pool Resources To Produce Broadway Shows

It is said that you can’t make a living on Broadway, but you can make a killing. Broadway investors often dream big for the thrill of investing in Broadway shows and the love of the arts. But how do they do it?

This article explores one of the most popular recent trends in Broadway investing is micro-investing. In earlier days of Broadway, investors had to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to help produce musicals and plays. However, many producers are now bundling smaller amounts to give more people access to invest in a Broadway show. 

Why Do Investors Utilize Micro-Investing in Broadway
1)    Investors can invest as little as $5,000.00 to own a piece of a Broadway show through micro-investing with a co-producer.
2)    Investors may still get opening night tickets to a Broadway show at lower amounts than were traditionally accepted by producers. 
3)    Investors may get access to house seats once the show opens.
4)    Investors can spread their risk over several shows in smaller investment amounts rather than limiting investments into less shows requiring higher investments.

Accredited Investor Barrier
There is still a barrier in order to invest in a Broadway musical or play: accreditation. Certain investments are limited to “accredited investors” as defined by the SEC. Many Broadway producers limit investment opportunities to accredited investors, who may be better able to take on the risks of Broadway investing. Many Broadway shows never recoup investment, so anyone investing in Broadway should be able to absorb any losses given the high chance that the show will not return any money. 


So Why Invest In Broadway?
Talk to Investors and they often tell you the same things: fun, entertainment, networking, supporting the arts, diversifying investments, access to seats, exclusive opening night gifts and playbills, and access to other investments. Many times, early investors get first access to future productions, like tours and international productions. 


About Us
Jason Turchin is an attorney, entrepreneur, Broadway investor and Angel investor. His portfolio includes investments in Broadway’s Hadestown, Be More Chill, Tuck Everlasting and more, and UK tours of On The Town and Rock of Ages. For more information on Jason and his investments, visit

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