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Opportunities for Accredited Investors

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If you're an accredited investor looking for alternative investment opportunities, The Broadway Investor's Club (TBIC) may be a good fit for you. As an accredited investor club, we often receive inquiries from accredited investors interested in investing in Broadway, film, music, and more. Whether you're looking to invest in a specific project or simply wanting to explore the possibilities, The Broadway Investor's Club can help you learn more about these unique investment opportunities for accredited investors.

Accredited Investor Club

The SEC distinguishes between an accredited investor and a non-accredited investor. There is no special certificate given to either group. Rather, the SEC publishes a definition of who may qualify as accredited. If an investor meets any of the criteria published by the SEC, that investor is generally deemed to be accredited. If the investor does not meet any of the criteria, the investor is non-accredited. Presently, our Club is open to accredited investors who are looking for access to investment opportunities in theater, film, and music.

Exclusive Accredited Investor Club

While Broadway and the entertainment industry is often funded by teams of producers and co-producers, access to opportunities was often limited to connections. Our network of lead producers, theater owners, creators and investors led us to many opportunities both now and in the pipeline.


Opportunities for Accredited Investors in The Broadway Investor's Club

There are many accredited investors in the club who are always on the lookout for new investment opportunities. Through our vast network, we often get access to opportunities such as:

Broadway shows - We get opportunities to invest in Broadway musicals and plays, including new musicals and revivals. Many of these opportunities also include access to opening night tickets.

Cast albums - Our music production and distribution experience brings us opportunities to produce and invest in cast albums.

Films - We get opportunities to invest in films, including pro-shot recordings of musicals, digital films, and feature films.

Startups - We get opportunities to invest in startup companies. Given our network of accredited investors, we get several startup investment opportunities.

Music production - With our close network of Broadway actors and TV and film stars, we have opportunities to produce and distribute albums through our sister record label.

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Networking Opportunities for Accredited Investors

If you ever watched Shark Tank, a business typically pitches itself to a select group of accredited investors. The Broadway Investor's Club is like Shark Tank in that many lead producers, creatives and startups will pitch their projects to us for consideration. Our members may then have access to invest in these projects. As a growing network of investors, we have a lot of investing experience to add to these projects.

In addition to reviewing project pitches, our investors also have opportunities to network. We believe in the collective power of our group. We have many successful, forward-thinking members who may collaborate on future projects. With our diverse backgrounds in finance, business, entertainment, technology and law, there are many opportunities for us to work together.


Available Opportunities for Accredited Investors

The Broadway Investor's Club is always on the lookout for new startup investment opportunities. Many of these are opportunities for accredited investors to invest in startup companies. A startup company is essentially a company or project in early stages of development. We look for early stage companies which have growth potential and exit potential, and those that may be impactful.

As an accredited investor, you may have access to a variety of ventures to invest money through different contacts. These may include real estate syndicates, real estate investments, startup companies, microventure investments, crowdfunding, angel investing and venture capital. Investing in the theater, music and film industries offer not only a financial opportunities, but intangible benefits of supporting the arts, networking opportunities and unique perks which may accompany investments.


Benefits of Investing in Film, Broadway and Music

Investing in Broadway or in the film or music industries are quite unique. When you invest in stocks, you typically invest your money and you may gain or lose the investment. Investment in the business of Broadway, or in film or music, may come with other investment benefits.

When you invest in a Broadway show or film, you may have an entertainment value in that you can actually see the show or film. In the case of music investments, you may get to listen to the finished work. For film and Broadway investing, you may get invited to the film premiere or to the opening night performance and party of a Broadway show. Broadway investing also often comes with first rights of refusal on subsequent productions. For example, if a Broadway show goes on a national tour after Broadway, the Broadway investors may get first right to invest in that tour before any new investors are considered. The subsequent productions can help mitigate risks, offset losses or increase potential profits for successful productions.


From a networking standpoint, accredited investors who invest in Broadway may have different opportunities to meet and connect on future projects.


How to Become an Accredited Investor

If you're interested in becoming an accredited investor, there are a few things you'll need to do. First, you'll need to show that you have a net worth of at least $1 million, excluding the value of your primary residence. Alternatively, you can show that you have an annual income of at least $200,000 (or $300,000 if filing jointly with a spouse). If you meet either of these criteria, you'll likely be considered an accredited investor by the SEC.


If you are deemed accredited by the SEC, you'll be able to join The Broadway Investor's Club and explore all of the unique investment opportunities that we get. Contact us today to see if you may qualify as an accredited investor. If you meet the definition of an accredited investor, you will be able to invest in film, Broadway and other music projects. Typically, a project's subscription document will have a form for you to complete attesting that you meet the definition of one or more criteria in the SEC's definition of accreditation. There is no formal test or certification generally required to invest in Broadway or other projects.


Investing in Music Albums

Cast recordings and music distribution can be great investment opportunities for accredited investors. Music distribution has changed vastly over the past 50 years and will likely continue to change over the next 50. Investing in a cast recording or music album can provide various revenue streams for the producers and investors. This includes streaming music online, physical product like CDs and vinyl, sync licensing, and more.


Investing in the Broadway Business

When you invest in a Broadway production, you may have additional rights to invest in various other businesses which branch from that master production. This may include a cast album, national tour, sit down in a theater in the US, transfer to Canada or London, Australian tour, Asian tour, sit down in London, and several other productions around the world. There is potential for live-streaming, pro-shot, or adaptation into a feature film or sitcom. Investment in one project may lead to returns from these projects, or investment opportunities in other projects.


The Broadway Investor's Club

There are many opportunities for accredited investors, but our focus is on the entertainment industry. Investing in Broadway, music and film provides significant opportunity to support the arts, while providing opportunities to artists to work in the industry many studied or dreamed of being a part of. Our projects have helped literally thousands of arts workers continue working in this industry. If you ever considered the Broadway business or entertainment business as a whole, feel free to contact us. We'd love to connect with more accredited investors who share our passion for both the entertainment industry and the business of entertainment.


We look forward to supporting the arts together!

Interested in Broadway investing?

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