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We invest in Broadway and help produce Broadway and Off-Broadway plays and musicals. We are passionate about theater, Broadway investing, and bringing quality enjoyable and relevant productions to the stage. We are professionals and business people who love theater and bringing like-minded people together to help put on shows. Whether it is investing in a Broadway show from concept or development, to investing just before opening night, to investing in a Broadway national tour, or Broadway cast album, there are several investment opportunities to get involved in the theater community.

We are so excited that one of the shows we invested in, Hadestown, recently won 8 Tony Awards!

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​Broadway investing is integral to the Broadway community and helping shows go from concept to stage. Some of the shows we invested in include Be More Chill, Hadestown, On Your Feet UK, The Secret Garden, Rock of Ages UK, Tuck Everlasting, and more!

Invest In Secret Garden Broadway
Invest In Secret Garden Broadway
Invest In Gettin The Band Back Together
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Why invest in Broadway?

Broadway investing

Broadway investing is a very risky investment, but it can also be extremely fun and rewarding. Some benefits of investing in Broadway shows that we love:

  • Opening Night - Often, investors in Broadway shows get exclusive tickets to the show's opening night show. These tickets are usually reserved for media, producers, and industry professionals.

  • Opening Night Party - After the opening night show, many Broadway shows have extravagant opening night parties with celebrity guests, industry professionals to mingle with, special cast or guest performances, and meeting the casts.

  • Access to House Seats - House seats are often some of the best seats in the house, reserved for guests of the cast and company. Sold out shows may still have house seats available, which is why some people were still able to go to Hamilton with last minute tickets. We saw Hamilton four times, twice from a friend who was able to get house tickets from a Producer!

  • Backstage Tours - Some shows allow investors or producers access to backstage tours of the theater after performances. This is great for friends and family who come see the show. They could get a backstage tour from one of the cast members after meeting them at the stage door, and get pictures taken on stage after the show.

  • Access To Invest In Other Broadway Shows - Most Broadway shows do not advertise for investors. Lead producers will often reach out to their inside team of co-producers and investors for their Broadway shows. These are usually accredited investors and producers who have been vetted to invest and may get offered the investment before anyone else. Investing in one show could help get an investor's foot in the door so to speak to gain access to other shows.

  • Show Merchandise - Investors and producers of Broadway shows may get signed merchandise, like an autographed cast poster, exclusive opening night gifts, shirts, hats, playbills, and more.

  • Meeting The Cast - By being a part of the production, investors and producers often meet cast members. We've made some great friends over the years from shows we invested in.

  • Making Like-Minded Friends - We have a passion for theater. Through investing, we've met lots of other individuals, couples and families with a similar love for theater and the arts. Some of the people we met through theater investing have become our closest friends.​

  • Dress Rehearsals - As an investor or producer, you may get invited to dress rehearsals to see the show before the public. This is sometimes referred to as "Invited Dress".

  • You Can't Lose More Than You Invest - Some business share in the profits and the losses, but most Broadway shows allow you to invest money, but limit your risk to what you put in.

  • You Can Make A Lot Of Money - Theater is a very risky investment. There are estimates that 4 out of 5 shows never recoup the investment. Some top producers have seen returns in 40-60% of their shows. In the shows that do see returns, they could be huge. It is said that you can't make a living on Broadway, but you can make a killing. Shows like Wicked have seen returns of more than 1000% of the investments, and continue to pay money to its investors year after year!

  • You Could Win A TONY Award! - Yes, that's right. Broadway shows may have several co-producers. If the show wins a Tony Award, each Co-producer is typically credited as a Tony Award Winner, and may be able to take home an actual Tony statue! Same goes for Tony nominations. If the show is Tony nominated, the co-producers become Tony-nominated producers.

Investing in the Broadway community!

Most Broadway shows are only open to accredited investors and those with whom they already have a relationship with. They are typically private offerings. Sometimes, however, we have opportunities to work with new investors.

If you ever wanted to consider investing in Broadway plays or musicals, we are happy to speak with you about our experience!