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Investing In Broadway


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Broadway Investors and Producers
What We Do
We are a group of accredited investors who share our passion for the arts and business. We look for exciting projects in the theater, film, tv and music industries that our members might be interested in investing in. The shows we are involved in are typically privately funded and are not available publicly. These shows are not publicly traded. Rather, projects generally have a budget they seek to capitalize and investors are needed to help bring the projects to life. Many project pitch decks come with proposed recoupment schedules and budgets to review.
There are no costs to be part of our club, and no requirement to invest in any shows or all shows. Any actual investing in a particular show or other entity would be conducted between the investor and the production company or associated producers. Theater projects typically offer units in $25,000 increments, while some may be as low as $5,000 and some a minimum of $50,000 or more. Some shows allow two investors to split the unit, and some allow multiple investors to bundle together. Music projects can range from a few thousand to $25,000 or more. Film and TV can start in the $5-10,000 range and go up to $100,000+. Investment levels in entertainment projects can come with certain kickers, like co-producing credit or additional financial incentives. 
Along with the shares in particular shows, investors in Broadway may also get fun perks, including opening night tickets, opening night party, invitations to see developmental productions of the show, opportunity to see other shows in development, meet and greets, exclusive merchandise, and more. Sometimes, opportunities to invest in other productions may also arise, like in national tours, and international runs of the show, or other shows from co-producers. 

If you are an investor who would like more information on Broadway investing or other investment in the entertainment business, feel free to email us at or submit your information through our contact form. If you are a company manager or lead producer looking to connect on a project or just want to say hello, feel free to reach out! 

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