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how to invest in broadway


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What Is In A Broadway Investment Pitch Deck - When you are considering investing in a Broadway show, you will typically get a Pitch Deck to review. This article explores the various parts of a typical pitch deck and things to consider. 

Benefits of Investing In Broadway Shows - Many investments are risky, but Broadway brings many perks along with the risk. Some of these may include opening night tickets, exclusive meet and greets, backstage tours and more.
Intellectual Property Rights in a Broadway Show - Broadway shows involve various copyrights and intellectual property. This article discusses some of the intellectual property rights involved. Understanding how these rights are handled with royalties, assignments or free use can help an investor better understand the financial distributions of the show.

The Business of Broadway - Understanding the entertainment business can help investors make better informed decisions. There are many business facets involved in Broadway, from business set up, to employees, to intellectual property and more.

Crowdfunding Broadway Shows - Crowdfunding presents new opportunities to invest in Broadway shows and shows in development. Changes in regulations have allowed investors at various income levels to invest in Broadway, and opened the door for new investors to get involved.

Road To A Broadway Show Recouping Its Investment - The path of a Broadway show from investment to recoupment may vary from show to show. Recoupment is where a show makes its initial capital investment back and can pay back its investors. This article explores some of the business involved in investment through recoupment.

How to Write a Best Selling Musical - Did you ever wonder what the secret was to writing the next best selling musical? Well, here it is! 


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